i really need FR to release _____scale armor but in black, i desperately need it for my alduin dragon so he matches paarthurnax

call it darkscale or shadowscale armor, idc i just n e e d i t

my paarthurnax dragon is literally the best dragon, gaze upon him and weep for your dragons can only hope to achieve a fraction of his coolness

one time wayyyyy back when in like, 2005, 10 yr old me fell for one of those “im a neopets coder send me ur username and password in this code and i’ll give u anything u want” things and got their 60k np stolen

i wonder if that scam was lucrative, i have a hard time imaging it was since the only people that probably fell for it were broke kids

things FR needs: a bank with a daily interest system like neopets so i can put millions into it and get like 30k a day doing absolutely nothing

my fav part about FR is that if i’m ever low on cash i can just open up 3 commission slots and pull in anywhere from 1.5m to 3m treasure, i would give ANYTHING to be able to do that on neopets without getting permafrozen

now all FR needs to release is a spiked tail club thing and paarthurnax will be Perfect

they also need to release that cool armor but in black so my alduin dragon can match ;;

this is, objectively, the best dragon in my lair